Freelance Filmmaker & Cinematographer

Luis Grolez is an independent filmmaker & cinematographer based in Dubai, available worldwide for commercials, documentary and short films. In addition to creating independent award-winning short films, he has also worked commercially as the and drone camera operator for international brands such as Nike, Hyatt, The North Face, Hamley’s, Tom Ford, Emirates Airline, Vans, Nestlé, Accor Hotel and Timberland to name a few. Luis is best known for inspiring people through the beauty of cinematography and strength of storytelling.

Rasam Short Film
Rasam Short Film A
Rasam Short Film B
Rasam Short Film C
Lyudmila Documentary
Lyudmila Documentary A
Lyudmila Documentary B
Lyudmila Documentary C
The Vessel Trailer
The Vessel Trailer A
The Vessel Trailer B
The Vessel Trailer C
Pedaliere Commercial
Pedaliere Commercial A
Pedaliere Commercial B
Pedaliere Commercial C
Bears in Armenia Documentary
Bears in Armenia Documentary A
Bears in Armenia Documentary B
Bears in Armenia Documentary C
Re-Fuse Short Film
Re-Fuse Short Film A
Re-Fuse Short Film B
Re-Fuse Short Film C
Le Palais des Parfums Commercial
Le Palais des Parfums Commercial A
Le Palais des Parfums Commercial B
Le Palais des Parfums Commercial C
Hrach Forest Ranger Documentary
Hrach Forest Ranger Documentary A
Hrach Forest Ranger Documentary B
Hrach Forest Ranger Documentary C
Rafae Self Improvement
Rafae Self Improvement A
Rafae Self Improvement B
Rafae Self Improvement C
Don't Panic Short Film
Don't Panic Short Film A
Don't Panic Short Film B
Don't Panic Short Film C
Sudeera Documentary
Sudeera Documentary A
Sudeera Documentary B
Sudeera Documentary C
Tiffany Mayonnaise Food Video
Tiffany Mayonnaise Food Video A
Tiffany Mayonnaise Food Video B
Tiffany Mayonnaise Food Video C
Jonah Documentary
Jonah Documentary A
Jonah Documentary B
Jonah Documentary C

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